Fill the Blank

Interactive Video Installation, 2014

In this work, people are invited to write/draw on paper to change the faces of the paper structures. 

The installation has two components- an interaction video booth and a video projection mapped onto a fabricated structure. In the interaction booth, a paper form and pens are placed on a table for users to interact, with a camera facing the paper form. The camera tracks a user’s motion as he/she picks up the pen to write on the paper, and records it until the writing is finished, which is live-streamed and mapped onto walls of the public spaces. Users can also choose which part to have their writings/drawings projected, using the paper form. A structure contains multiple pieces in the shape of a staircases, fabricated with cardboard. 

The project was created in collaboration with an architect Gorka Blas and showcased at Platoon Kunsthalle Seoul, as a part of the ‘Memories of the City’ exhibit from the workshop we hosted at Fablab Seoul.