Dawn Here Dusk There

As a person from the East living in the West, one can experience being in a day and night at the same time while in communication with her own family and friends back home. With two screens facing each other along the line of East-West, I attempt to create a time and space for crossing between day and night. Between two screens there is a stone path. While you see sunrise of East on one side and sunset of West on the other side, a person appears from the land of the sunrise and walk slowly toward the land of the sunset. The viewers are invited to exist in-between space of dawn and dusk.

The video was developed during Koumaria residency in Sparta, Greece in support of Medea Electronique, and was premiered at Onassis Cultural Center as a two-monitor installation. Over the course of the week in the residency, I would go to the top of the local mountain with a view of sunrise and sunset and build a path along with the direction of the sunrise and sunset, which was changing day by day over the course of the week I was observing. During sunrise or sunset, I walked slowly from or toward the sun, and the process seemed to me like an ancient sun ritual. Later, I found out that the stones used for the path might be those from abandoned Hellenistic fortress.

Created at Koumaria Residency with Medea Electronique